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Warmth of family guesthouse

We are family run cozy guesthouse in Austrian Alps, famous Bad Gastein region. To make you a perfect holiday at perfect accommodation our ultimate goal is to deliver personal service, be attentive to every wish and even smallest detail. We'll help you arranging excursions, we'll meet you at the bus, train airport, we'll drive you on sightseeing tour to places known only by locals. Whether you like extreme sports, family activities or just relaxation in quietness of mountains - there is place for you all year round. It is our reality and your dream to come true when visiting our guesthouse Haus Dixer in the heart of magnificent Austrian Alps.

Prices 25-35 Euro a night for adults. Children and teenagers get significant discounts.

We offer single and double rooms!

Some photos of our guesthouse and Alps:

Haus Dixer - guest house in Austrian Alps

Room in our guesthouse

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Haus Dixer is family guest house in Austrian Alps Böckstein, Bad Gastein region, which offers wide range of SUMMER un WINTER sports activities, relaxation and healing at famous geothermal springs. We are situated on some very popular tourist routs, leading to the most picturesque places in Europe. Unlike larger hotels we offer accommodation with personal service and cozy relaxing atmosphere.

About Böckstein Bad Gastein

City of flowersWe are famous as skiing town in winter and mountain hiking centre in summer, however, the beauty of surrounding nature doesn't top captivating us in all seasons - also during flowering of mountain meadows and during unsurpassable colors of autumn.

You can get to us by driving your own car, or flying to Salzburg or Munich and then taking a train or rental car (2-3 hour drive). Read more in chapter Travel >>

Alps - hiking in mountains and relaxation in harmony with nature

Mountain flowers

Hiking in mountains is effective way to leave the everyday's rush behind you and to be embraced by majestic beauty of nature. In a summer time meadows come alive filled with beautiful alpine flowers and bird songs.

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The healing power of geothermal springs

Mountain medow in Austrian Alps

Bad Gastein is famous with geothermal healing springs and healing caves offering a healing climate which is unique in the world! It is one of Europe's leading spa resorts: there are the 17 thermal springs, emerging 1,000 meters above sea level at the foot of the Graukogel, with a temperature of between 45 and 51° Celsius, there are also Thermal Galleries in Böckstein, a former gold mine which is now the setting for cures in a super-heated environment helping Inflammatory, rheumatic illnesses, e.g. ankylosing spondylitis, chronic polyarthritis, degenerative and deformative joint diseases (arthrosis, spondylosis, osteochondrosis), neuralgia, chronic pain, consequences of sports and injuries from accidents involving the musculoskeletal system, respiratory problems.

Bad Gastein is one of few places where patients can get radon thermal water therapy. It heats up the body and as a result the metabolic processes are stimulated. The radon dissolved in the thermal water is absorbed into the body via the skin and via the airways, causing the body to release its own pain relievers.

Skiing and beauty of white winter holidays

Off-piste skiing after snow storm

Skiing and snowboarding really don't need extra advertising - that's what we do that's we are famous for and known in whole world. Skiing and snowboarding in Austrian Alps is like dream come true. Every year before season's opening tingling sensation runs through our bodies. We remember stunning mountain views and weightlessness when speeding down the slopes. Our guesthouse has all facilities for skiers. We have convenient ski locker and powerful drying room for all your cloth and boots.

The total length of skiing trails is 250km so you have plenty to choose from !! The highest point is 2700m and lowest 1100m above the sea level!!! All relevant information about skiing you will find here>>


Activities for whole family and extreme sports

Extreme sports

Enthusiasts of extreme sports are welcome all over the year. Mountain bikes are very popular, but how many of you have tried your mountain bike in mountains? Isn't that time to let it live up to it's name?

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